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Brighton Cycling Dogs

This is a new 2023 web site work in progress ... be patient!

We are a Brighton, MI based K-12 Mountain Bike club associated with Brighton High School, also supporting surrounding communities.

Primary important date in-season communication is via Mailing list.

Day to day communications for impromtu discussions and ride coordination is via a Slack Channel

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Required Equipment

We ride our bikes off road, on non-linear dirt trails. We ride all summer when it is warm or hot. We ride into the Fall when it can be much cooler. It is important for riders to be prepared for our rides.

Helmet, Gloves, Eye Protection

First and foremost, our riders are required to wear a helmet whenever they are on thier bike.

No Exception to Helmet Rule

There are no exceptions to the helmet rule. All riders MUST comply or be suspended from the team.


All riders are required to come prepared with water for our rides. Options include water bottles, camelbacks, or even bottled water in a backpack.

Eye Protection

Since we ride on trails, there can be vegitation hanging over the trail, and sometimes dust and pebbles are kicked up while riders are riding. Eye protection is strongly encouraged for all riders.

Options for eye protection can vary from $2 safety glasses from the Home Depot, to $200 Oakley shades. All options are acceptable!


Riders should wear gloves to protect their hands in case of a tumble. Gloves also help maintain grip when riders sweat or it is rainy.

A Mountain Bike

Bikes aren't listed first, because the other items are just as important!

Bikes must be trail ready, and shouldn't have a kickstand.

Kickstand's Must be Removed

Kickstands may be convienient when storing bikes in the garage, however, they pose a threat on the trail. They can act like a catapault if they extend while riding

Being trail-ready helps our rides go smoothly, and allows for our coaches to attend to leading good rides instead of doing unnesseary trailside repairs. Trail ready means at least the following:

  • Brakes Work Well
  • Bike Shifts Well
  • Chain and Drivetrain clean and smooth

Tool and Supplies

Older riders should learn how to service and handle trailside repairs. Coaches can help riders identify good options, as can local shops.

  • A Multi-tool
  • Pump or C02
  • Spare Tube